Interview with Miss Bliss - “Deidra Bagdasarian is the owner and operator of Bliss Edibles, but you may know her as “Miss Bliss.” She’s the edibles professor at Oaksterdam University, and the founder of the cannabis women’s retreat Glowing Goddess Getaway. And it doesn’t end there! She’s also a mother, wife, writer and all around awesome lady.” - Dope Magazine

Women’s Lib: Miss Bliss Talks Bliss Edibles and Ganja Goddesses - “This elevated baker is on a mission to lift us all” - The Kind Land

Bliss Mint Chocolate Cupcakes (Dope Magazine) - “Bliss Edibles & Extracts was born out of our desire to share cannabis as a way to contribute to humanity. Cannabis can ease suffering, and knowing that, it’s become our mission to share it.” - Miss Bliss

Bliss Edibles and Extracts Strain Review: Serious Happiness - “In the extract world, this beautiful honeycomb looks almost perfect.” - Dope Magazine

Bhang, Bliss: Pot Brownies Go Upscale - "[Bliss Edibles] rapidly established themselves by elevating baked pot goods to Tartine-levels" - East Bay Express

2010 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup Winners - Bliss Edibles was awarded 2nd place for best edible at the first ever High Times Cup on US soil.

High Holidays: Six Marijuana-Infused Side Dishes (SFoodie) - "If you're team cupcake, this might be your pie substitute of choice." - SF Weekly

Oaksterdam University Faculty - Our co-founder, Miss Bliss, taught two Cooking with Cannabis courses at Oaksterdam University. In November of 2017, she was honored with an O’Dammy award for Distinguished Service & Heroism Recognition of “Pre & Post Raid” Faculty.

Psionic Dehiscence - Radio Interview - DJ Yuri G and The Handyman talk to medical marijuana bakers Deidra and Garen of Bliss Edibles about their mint chocolate cupcakes and the political/economic climate for canna-business

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