Award-Winning Edibles & Extracts!

As bakers and patients ourselves, we were inspired by our love of delicious food and delicious bud to raise the standard of merely "edible" and make something good enough to be called Bliss. Our efforts were recognized when Bliss Edibles was awarded 2nd Place in the Edibles category of the first ever High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. You can find our award-winning Box of 4 German Chocolate Truffles, along with a few more of our favorite things, on our ever-growing menu of practically perfect and consistently potent medicinal edibles.

A magical place where a spoonful of sugar gets infused with medicinal cannabis and then baked into a variety of scrumptious confectionery delights!

Our menu isn't all you'll find on our site! Whether you're an edibles fan, creator, or distributor you've come to the right place. You can find Bliss Edibles near you by using our locator, or learn how to make edibles in your own kitchen from Miss Bliss by checking out the tutorials and recipes in our blog. If you'd like to make Bliss Edibles available to members of your cooperative you can send an email to And if you need anything else, feel free to send an email to our bakers. Thanks for visiting and have a blissful day!